8-8:30am Breakfast 

8:30-9:50am Grad student presentations (4 presentations) 

Tractability Assumptions and Model Robustness – Dan Li

Confusion of Principle of the Identity of Indiscernible (PII) in the Foundation of Physics – Lara Hu

Consensus and Credibility in Climate Science – Suzanne Kawamleh

A Singularist Semirealist Account of Biological Sex – Charlene Brecevic

*10 minute break* 

 10:00-11:50 Keynote Speaker: Helen Longino

11:50-2:30pm Lunch/Concurrent with Lisa’s talk 

 1-2:30 Elisabeth Lloyd’s talk: A special session for graduate students only

*10 minute break* 

2:40-4:00 Grad student presentations (4 presentations) 

Disordered Female; Disordered Eating – Helen Zhao

Virtues of the Spectrum Theory of Sex -Faeze Fazeli

A Darwinian Dilemma for Social Constructionist Accounts of Sex – Maja Sidzinska

Treading on Each Other’s Skirts: Female Domestic Servants and ‘the Servant Question’ in American Newspapers, 1830-1880 – Erin Barr

*10 minute break* 

4:10-5:10 Grad student presentations (3 presentations) 

Explaining Individual Differences – Zina Ward

Of Monsters and Men: The Supernatural and the Sanctity of Sex in Jacob Rueff’s Trostbüchle – Isabelle Lahaie

What Brings Drug into Being? Rational Drug Design in the Age of Artificial Intelligence – HyeJeong Han

5:10-7:00 Poster session / reception/ pizza ​